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Okay, can you sit sti-


That's definitely not sitting still. You're supposed to be a surp-

[There's a yip, and then the video turns on. A liver-colored nose is pressed against the screen, sniffing, and when it backs up she's looking t the camera, and then at Steve, who reaches down]

You sure don't know the meaning of the word, do you?

[click! The camera shuts off.]
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[There's flipping of pages]

Insert the audio-visual display cord into the...


...audio-visual reception should come in as normal.

What the....

Nothing happened.

[Flipping of pages]

Nothing's happening.

[More flipping]

Okay, it's plugged in, and...I pressed the on switch, so why isn't there any picture? I would even settle for people talking. I had a radio for years so this shouldn't be that difficult.

[More page flipping!]

[ooc: Action is for the Rogers-Stark-Barnes household only!]
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Don't people here just get sick of being jerked around by curses? Getting turned into thing or being made to eat people? Having your secrets broadcast?

I've only been here a couple of months and I'm already sick of it.

[Pause, quiet.]

I hate not being able to do anything about it.
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I went out today to see if I could help with the fact that there's no sun, and I saw this man making lightning and cutting himself, and he was terrorizing the entrance to the underground, so I told him to cut it out. He cut himself and tried to hit me with lightning, but I blocked it, and after I managed to get him somewhere safe where he couldn't hurt anyone else, I noticed that my shield feels right again!

So I guess it just had to be hit by lightning. But the fact that it feels normal makes me a whole lot calmer about this whole thing.


But really, try to use these powers for good, okay? Especially if you have to something terrible to make them work.
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There sure are a lot of people out today. I heard it's some kind of curse, but it doesn't seem like a really bad one. I bet there are all kinds of people here today...people who like all kinds of things.

[What are you trying to say here, Mr. Rogers? Whatever it is, he gives up.]

Well, it's nice to see you all having such a good time.

[ooc: have at it. Just no Steve Rogers doubles, but facedoubles, crew, crack, have at it!]
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[ooc: No, he's not aware it's up! Second video is only up until about 2 minutes 30 seconds before the feed cuts out. The second especially contains spoilers for Captain America: The First Avenger!]
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Hi, City.

I know I came in a few weeks ago, but it's been a long haul from home, and I've been getting used to things around here. How long does it usually take to get used to things around here, anyway? Everytime I feel even a little more settled, a curse comes along and the feeling goes away.

But at least I'm pretty sure I have this Network thing worked out. It's not too much different from my radio transmitter at home. Howard would probably love to see this thing, that's for sure.

But I do have a question, and it's going to sound strange, but...does metal around here work the way it does back in your world?
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This is Captain Steve Rogers, reporting in. My coordinates are unknown, but the civilian population is high and mostly English-speaking. Technology is...[There's a pause]...way beyond even what Howard Stark had.

[A little laugh]

But no flying cars, yet.

[And serious business again]

If anyone is receiving this, let me know you're out there.

[And he trails off.]

Did Stark create his own Coney Island while I wasn't looking?
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[A standard message comes on, with the same tinny recording of someone who hasn't set up their voicemail]

You have reached 555-1776. Please leave a message after the tone.


[ooc: THIS POST IS NOW DEFUNCT. Kindly use the one above!]
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This is Steve Rogers. Please leave a message.



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